The Merkur Adjustable Safety Razors: Thoughts on Value, Comfort and Quality

Adjustable safety razors are popular primarily among men who, for one reason or another, find the experience of shaving with conventional modern cartridge or disposable razors or electric shavers unsatisfying. One of the biggest names in the world of safety razors is Merkur, a German manufacturer with a long history and a sterling reputation for quality. Here’s a rundown of some of the things that separate Merkur razors from the rest.

Merkur actually offers a few different adjustable safety razor models. Starting at around $50, you have the Progress razor; in the $80-90 range, there’s the Futur; and, for true razor aficionados, there’s the deluxe Vision line, which usually starts at around $120. There are a few different units within each Merkur line, which usually differ in terms of handle length, material, or finish. For example, the basic Progress model has a nickel-plated exterior and is 3.5 inches long, while there’s also a version of the Progress with a longer handle. Models of the Futur with satin chrome or gold-plated finishes are also available. Apart from length, weight, and appearance, all Merkur adjustable safety razors generally share the same basic features. These include solid, sleek, and durable design, as well as a rotating head that allows users to adjust the exposure of the double-edged blade.

The adjustable head is a key feature because it allows users to maximize the comfort and closeness of the shave in accordance with their technique and the thickness and angles of their beard. While there are non-adjustable safety razors on the market from Merkur and other manufacturers, adjustable razors offer the safest and most comfortable shave because they don’t force you to adapt to a blade exposure that might not be ideal for your face. The adjustable head of the Progress and Futur razors has six settings, with setting 1 being the closest to the guard and setting 6 having the highest degree of blade exposure. The Vision razor allows users to further fine-tune the blade exposure and angle. Most users will probably find the variety of options offered by the lower-end models more than adequate.

The superior comfort and overall experience offered by Merkur razors has to be felt to be believed. If you’re switching over from a cartridge or electric razor, safety razors can certainly take some getting used to. You’ll probably find that you have to change your shaving ritual and technique a little bit in order to avoid getting nicked up. Once you’ve made the adjustment and found your ideal blade setting, you’ll find that the problems you had with other types of razors are long gone.

The startup cost when switching to safety razors at first is greater than what you’d spend on a something like a Mach 3, as expensive as those are. What you might not realize at first is that safety razors are actually a lot more affordable over the long term. This is because not only do the double-edged blades tend to last a bit longer than cartridge blades, but they’re also much cheaper to replace. Merkur razors are compatible with any standard double-edge blades, most of which cost less than $10 – and many under $5 – for a pack of 10. Merkur razors can last a lifetime, over the course of which you’ll end up saving a huge amount of money over what you would have spent on cartridge packs or even disposable razors.

Simply put, Merkur adjustable safety razors offer an excellent combination of quality and value. If you’re tired of the frustration of using a cartridge razor or electric shaver, you’ll more than likely find a Merkur razor to be a satisfying, permanent solution.