Feather Safety Razor

Among safety razor enthusiasts, the Feather brand is widely considered the standard-bearer for elegant design and overall quality. Their stainless steel razors, in particular, are considered the holy grail of modern safety razors. That being said, they may not be for everyone, so here are some of the things that are worth taking into account about Feather razors.

Feather is a Japanese company and all of their products are manufactured in Japan, so you know you can expect world class quality. Like most razor manufacturers, Feather offers a range of different razors which offer their own individual features and advantages. At the low end they have some very affordable twist-to-open and adjustable safety razor models, while at the top end is their new All Stainless model. The All Stainless isn’t an adjustable, but it is worth considering even for users who are accustomed to adjustable safety razors but are really interested in taking a step up in quality. The blade on the All Stainless is set very close to the guard, which results in a safe, gentle shave. You’ll likely find yourself holding the blade at something close to a right angle to your face, which minimizes the potential for nicking, but it does take some getting used to.

Across the line, Feather razors offer outstanding quality; as you’d expect, their lower end models lack some of the finer touches that you get with models like the All Stainless, but all Feather models are known to be long-lasting. They all come with Feather blades, which is an obvious but still welcome touch, as Feather blades are some of the sharpest and most durable on the market. High-end models have some advanced features that really improve the overall shaving experience. The All Stainless comes with a wood box for safe keeping, and the handle has a ridged, diamond-pattern finish, which prevents slipping. Stainless steel, of course, doesn’t tarnish, and maintains its appearance over the long term.

Comfort is the most important aspect of any razor, and Feather razors have a number of features which serve to improve the comfort of the shave. Like other safety razors, Feather razors tend to be much heavier and sturdier than cartridge or disposable razors, while also having a more even balance between the handle and the head. The greater overall weight, in conjunction with the sharper blade, means that you don’t have to apply pressure while shaving, which results in a smoother and more pleasant shave once you’ve adjusted to the difference. One thing to consider with non-adjustable Feather models is whether you feel your beard and skin are suitable for the blade angle in question. People with very thick beards and/or sensitive skin may be better off starting with an adjustable safety razor, as adjustables can easily be used on just about any face.

Regardless of the model you’re looking at, even the very expensive (usually starting at $160) All Stainless, Feather models represent a good long-term value for your money. This is because of two major factors. First, their quality and durability mean that not only are you very likely to be satisfied with the razor, but you can also count on it to stick around for the long haul, so you won’t have to spend money on another razor. Also, safety razor blades are much cheaper to replace, and need to be replaced less often, than cartridge blades, so you end up spending a lot less money over the long term, even though the initial cost of the razor might be on the high side.

Feather safety razors are about as close as you can get to a safe bet. Whether you’re looking at a luxury item like the All Stainless, or an entry-level safety razor like any of Feather’s adjustable or twist-to-open models, you can be assured of superior quality.