Parker Safety Razor

The Parker safety razors, made in India, are considerably less expensive than the Merkur razors and come in a variety of styles.

Top Safety Razor Gift Ideas

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The Merkur Futur Safety Razor, Satin Finish is the Porche of safety razors. Made in Germany by Merkur, the Futur is adjustable, meaning you can tweak the blade angle, which is nice for newbies who want a "safer" safety razor shave. Click here to check the specs...

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The Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor is very similar to the 34C, it has a nice feel and heft to it, but it has the longer handle that some men prefer. I thought I 'd like the longer handle when I started shaving with a safety razor, but actually fell in love with the shorter handled 34C. Either work great, but I like the 34C. I feel like I can get around the curves of my face easier without the long handle in the way. I have larger hands and the short handle of the 34C is no problem. The 180 is very popular: ranked near the top at amazon.

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Tweezerman Badger Hair Shaving Brush. I've been using this brush everyday for the last year. It's a great little badger hair brush that whips up a nice lather and is priced right.

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Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap is one of my favorite soaps. It has a wonderful smell that isn't too strong. I know this sounds corny, but I feel like a real man when I use this soap! ;) It makes the wonder gel junk in a can seem downright girly. It lasts a lot longer than the canned stuff, so don't feel like you are spending too much.

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Merkur 34C and Sample Pack of razors. I use this razor everyday and love it. It is the Merkur 34C, sometimes called the "Classic". I has a nice heavy feel that makes those 5-bladed plastic razors feel like toys. Once you (or your husband, father, boyfried, etc.) start using a nice Merkur safety razor, they'll never go back. I keep one old cartridge type razor around for traveling because I don't want the 34C to get lost! I selected the 34C with the sampler pack because when you are starting out, it's great to sample a variety of different blades. Each set of whiskers is different. Choosing the correct blade for your face is a very personal thing, it's good to try a bunch of different blades! My personal favorite are the Feather blades from Japan.

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Shaving kit set: Merkur Classic Safety Razor, Badger Brush with chrome handle, chrome shaving bowl and Col Conk's Shaving Soap, Made in Germany

I included this shaving set in case you wanted to get everything together. This particular set has everything I'd love to have for myself. The Merkur Classic razor is my favorite and the one I use daily, a badger brush is a must (don't go for the cheapy non-badgers: they don't quite whip up a lather as well); Col Conk's Shaving soap, which is another of my favorites (love the smell and lather); and all with a shiny, snazzy chrome bowl. Reminds me of the bumper on my old '63 Buick!

Still have Safety Razor buying questions? Or comments?

If you still have questions about what to buy, send an email. --Dave

Most of the reviews of the Parker razors are positive. One user said after using the Parker double edge safety razor he'd thrown his Mach 3 razor and all of the cartridges with it straight into the trash. The fit and finish of the Parker is not up to Merkur quality, but is a worthy razor nonetheless, especially for those testing the waters of wet shaving.

There are quite a few options when considering a Parker safety razor. Here I've listed some of the more popular Parkers with average price and a few comments about each. Please note that prices are constantly changing and models come and go so please feel free to email if you see a price or model out of date. So without further ado, here's the Parker safety razor roundup.

Note that these are not adjustable safety razor models. Included here as they offer a nice alternative and are getting generally good reviews.

The Parker 91R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Razor
  • Price: ~$27
  • Length: 4 inches
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Bottom line: A newer model from Parker, this razor has a traditional three-piece design. Non-slip handle and heavy feel for a close shave. Some models include extra blades. Reviews here were generally good. Most were pleasantly surprised at the closeness of the shave. Angle of approach is important with the non-adjustable safety razor because the angle of the blade can't be changed with a twist knob like the Merkur and Gillette adjustables.
The Parker 60R Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Price: ~$25 (out of stock at some retailers)
  • Length: 4 inches
  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • Bottom line: The 60R has a TTO (twist to open) butterfly design like the 22R but with redesigned head and heavy duty doors. Nickel plated with a brass frame. This model is a little lighter than the 91R and 22R. This is a newer model so reviews are few. One complained about the TTO mechanism didn't work perfectly. But most of the reviews for this model were quite positive.
The Parker 22R Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor
  • Price: ~$25 (out of stock at some retailers)
  • Length: 4 inches
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Bottom line: A great little razor that will do the job. Reviews on this item are generally positive. The 22R has a classic TTO (twist to open) design. When you twist the handle, the top opens up like a butterfly so you can easily clean, remove and replace blades. The handle is 4 inches long, a full inch longer than the old-style 3 inch handle DE razors of old. This razor is solid and has a good weight and feel.